Roll Tarp System

Roll tarp systems are  basic, yet versatile systems that can be customized to your individual needs.

There are many different types of materials and set-ups that can be used. Let us help you pick out the material and the hardware that works best to fit your needs.

How it works:
The tarp is attached to one of the long sides of the trailer and is rolled over the width of the trailer to the opposite side. The tarp is held tightly in place.

Basic Types

  • Roll Tarp held down with straps
  • Roll Tarp held down by rolling under an aluminum extrusion with a locking handle.


System Components

Attaching Tarp to Trailer
Pipe Assembly: A 3/4" galvanized pipe is installed into a pocket in the tarp that goes the length of the trailer. The pipe and tarp are bolted onto the side of the trailer using pipe clips. Tarp Stops are installed to prevent the tarp from falling off the top of the trailer when the tarp is in the "rolled up" or "open" position.

Roll Pipe
Various tarp stops (uprights)
Tensioning System

  • SUR-LOC: An extrusion is attached near the top of the trailer (on the opposite side of the trailer that the tarp is mounted to) The tarp is rolled over the edge of the trailer and up and under extrusion. When you continue to roll the tarp it binds into the extrusion and holds the tarp in place. The handle must be held in a bracket to keep tension on the tarp to prevent tarp from rolling out.
  • Ratchet Straps: The tarp is rolled over the edge of the trailer. A combination of heavy 2" webbing straps, cables and ratchet straps are used to tension the tarp down to prevent the tarp from lifting.