Easy Covering Spring Loader Tarp System

This is probably the most common system in the industry. Ranging from a 4 yard Dump Truck to a 48′ Walking Floor Trailer.
The system has simple spring loaded arms to control the tension on the tarp which allows the arms to retract back and forth to cover and uncover the load.
The two types of materials are used in this system are mesh or vinyl depending on your application. We will recommend the right material for it’s use.
There are different components used depending on the size of the truck or trailer. All products are made by the leading national manufacturers, like Aero Industries or Mountain Tarp. We will mix and match. We will help you to determine the best product for its application to ensure durability and appearance.
These systems are offered either in manual or motorized versions.
There are several manual crank boxes and different motors to choose from. Let us show you the differences and design the best system for you. Review the website to compare hardware and materials so you are more confident with the products used for your system.