Easy Cover Mesh Pull Tarp
The mesh pull tarp system is primarily used on 45 – 52′ trailers, most commonly on chip trailers. It is one of the most basic systems, designed out of the need for an inexpensive way to cover chip trailers.
It has two cables running the length of the trailer with the tarp pulled tight between them. It is pulled from front to back by rope. It’s reinforced so that you have a strong inexpensive problem free system for your trailer.
A simple way to get the job done. Made of a heavy duty polyester white mesh with vinyl reinforcement front, rear and on cross bars to prevent wear. Stand in the cat walk and draw the tarp forward to open, stand behind the trailer and drag the tarp back to close.
Secure the tarp on the back door with rubber straps
If needed, we can manufacture an aluminum cat walk as well.